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Moving Checklist & Tips: Relocation Guide for Your Texas Move

Note any damage

Keep an eye on your possessions as well as your walls and doorways as items are moved into your new home.

Paying your mover

Expect to pay with cash, a certified check or a traveler's check, unless you have previously negotiated another arrangement.

Update insurance

You may have changed your homeowners/renters insurance to your new address but don't forget to change your auto, health and life insurance policies to your new address.

Update car registration

Don't forget to register your car with the Department of Transportation if you are new to Texas. And, if you are just moving within Texas, complete a Change of Address form with the County Tax Assessor so the annual renewal will reach you in your new home.


- Full Service

- Wrapping & Packing

- Furniture: Disassemble/Reassemble

- Appliances: Disconnect/Reconnect

- Pianos - Upright/Grand

- China and Antiques

- Pool Tables

Offices/Restaurants/Retail Stores

- Office Cubicles and Desks

- Printers, Machines

- Restaurant Equipment

- Booths, Tables, Chairs

- Walk-In Freezers

- Merchandisers/Shelving Units

- Large Conference Tables

- Safes

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